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We publish fiction under our G-Press Fiction imprint, specialising in historical crime novels for 8-13 and adult, as well as literary fiction and YA (but not fantasy/paranormal romance).

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Toxic Treacle – Echo Freer

ISBN: 978-178095-005-1

£7.99, YA fiction, G-Press Fiction imprint

Monkey is 15: a pre-breeder. He lives in a world where there are no parents: only female nurturers and male breeders. And soon he’ll become a breeder himself. He’ll graduate to the male zones at the other side of town for a life of partying and playing sport, leaving behind Angel, the girl of his dreams. She’s destined for a life of child rearing and nurturing.

This is a world of the future: a world of oppression, a world run on the strict rules of the toxic T.R.E.A.C.L.E. regime – Training and Resources for Educating Adolescent Children in a Loving Environment.

But T.R.E.A.C.L.E. is not as it seems: people are disappearing, including Monkey’s best mate, Tragic. And, when Monkey and Angel set out to find him, they don’t realise it’s a journey that could get them killed.

Toxic Treacle is now used as a class readers at schools.

Best-selling, Yorkshire-born children’s author, Echo Freer, has been nominated for several awards and has a loyal following for her feisty female characters, including Magenta Orange. Echo Freer lives in Wanstead and is a regular visitor to schools where she’s invited to talk about her novels and their strong plots and characters.

‘***** So chilling you’ll want your mum!’ Teen Now

‘Echo had grasped today’s teen rivalry spot on’ Booked Up!

‘I didn't want to put the book down at any point’ The Beaucoup Review

‘Toxic Treacle is the best Dystopian book I've read’ Bookaholics Book Club

‘Toxic Treacle was packed full of action and constantly kept me on my toes’ Good Reads from Much Loved Books

‘A good read and I’ll look out for more work by this author in the future’ Book Passion for Life

‘Toxic Treacle is an amazing dystopian which had me on edge the entire way through’ Readaraptor

‘The characters were fun and a little spunky, and the author did a great job of creating a futuristic world where a scary government is watching everything and everyone in their movements’ Marjolein Book Blog

‘Toxic Treacle is brilliant!’ Teen Librarian

‘You will want more of everything! Good writing, amazing pace and a very, very interesting story, give Toxic Treacle a try!’ Amaterasu Reads

Echo Freer has created a sinister world that is both absorbing and terrifying! Toxic Treacle holds up a mirror to contemporary society and reflects how life could be... A page-turning thriller that will keep you guessing right until the last page!’ Parenting without Tears

Crocodile on the Carousel – Sally Tissington

ISBN: 978-178095-002-0 (Hardback – June) / 978-178095-010-5 (Trade Paperback – October)

£18.99, literary fiction, G-Press Fiction imprint / £12.99, literary fiction

A magical book by debut novelist, Sally Tissington, where three generations of women’s lives are dominated by a menacing 13-metre carousel in their back garden. This is not just any carousel – the only horse is an injured, bloodied war horse; a model of a vulture rips up meat for its chicks under the shadow of the Gates of Death, and there is even a giant crocodile with a hook through its mouth.

The monstrous carousel contains a message, a reminder that life comes with suffering. This is a lesson the three women have learnt through the pain of miscarriage, illegitimacy, bullying and betrayal. The carousel will never let them forget that life is not about being happy but understanding that happiness always ends painfully.

Can Amanda Furnish change her fate and find love – or will someone have to suffer first? The ending will be worse than any of them ever imagined and it all started outside a country pub, with a candle gently floating down the river in a tin foil dish.

Sally Tissington is an award-winning Writer in Residence. An accomplished artist, this is her first novel.

‘A wonderful novel... we’re impressed.’ The BookBag

'Sally Tissington's debut novel liberally sprinkled with quirk and not toeing the line of the humdrum has certainly paid off for her as we encounter writing ladened with robust characters and questions... likened to Kate Atkinson.' The BookBag

‘Crocodile on the Carousel is a powerful & intriguing read from the first page.... Magical read that’s humorous and stimulating.’ NewBooks Magazine

The Curse of the Body Snatchers – Keith Souter

ISBN: 978-178095-003-7

£7.99, children’s historical crime fiction, G-Press Fiction imprint

If you like Neil Gaiman, you’ll love Keith Souter!

Secretly burying the body of his best friend, Danny, in a cemetery at night, 12-year-old Jack Moon finds himself completely alone and vulnerable. He meets the mysterious Professor Stackpool, a phrenologist, who claims that a person’s character and fate is defined by the shape of their head – and says that Jack will never be anything other than poor and ignorant. Jack’s angry protests are echoed by the kindly Sir Lionel who rescues the boy and gives him a job at his home where he befriends Sir Lionel’s granddaughter, Olivia, but things start to go horribly wrong.

When Jack hears noises in an abandoned room at night, his life is put in deadly danger and he is forced to visit another graveyard which contains creatures no child should ever see... Will the curse of the body snatchers come true?

The first in the exciting new series, The Adventures of Jack Moon, The Curse of the Body Snatchers is set in Victorian London.

Award-winning author, Keith Souter is a man of many guises. He writes history novels under the name Keith Souter, crime as Keith Moray, Westerns as Clay More and medical and non-fiction as Dr Keith Souter. He lives in Wakefield where he plays the bagpipes (badly!) and is a popular guest on radio. This is his first children’s novel. Keith has also written The Classic Guide to King Arthur for Golden Guides Press.

An entertaining read.’ The Historical Novel Society

‘This atmospheric book for 9-12 year olds is a fabulous mix of historical and horror genres. Jack Moon is a wonderful new hero who will no doubt build a healthy following.’ Roz Radmore, Waterstones Wakefield bookseller

The Curse of the Body Snatchers is a great read with a lot of surprises along the way.’ Parenting Without Tears

Follow Jack Moon on Twitter – @JackMoonYarns

The Exhibitionists – Russell James

ISBN: 978-178095-004-4 (Hardback – June) / 978-178095-011-2 (Trade Paperback – October)

£18.99, historical fiction, G-Press Fiction imprint / £12.99, historical fiction

If you like Matthew Pearl, you’ll love Russell James!

‘On the night Parliament burnt down, a child was conceived out of wedlock, a baby was abandoned, and another thrown into the Thames.’

The year is 1834 and J.M.W. Turner is sketching Parliament burn. Unnoticed, a hackney cab drives past, the passenger’s destination is a dark alley in London, home to a notorious baby farmer – where he abandons an innocent baby girl. Because of him, she will end up on the Victorian stage and at the mercy of men. She will trust nobody.

Another child is conceived that same night but she will never know that the man she loves as a father is not her real parent. Instead, she gives up her dreams for him, abandoning the talent she inherited from her real father – to the disappointment of Dante Gabriel Rossetti who had admired her work when she exhibited at the Royal Academy.

And a newborn baby will be thrown into the Thames by his abandoned mother that same night, leaving a mystery for those who find his tiny, wet body in its little basket, floating down the river. One he will try to solve years later when he becomes a writer, hoping that his past is linked to the wary girl he meets at a photographer’s studio.

The girl who was abandoned on the same night as him.

The lives of the three children interweave and mix with famous people of the era including Turner, Millais, Holman Hunt and the self-styled greatest historical artist of the time, Benjamin Haydon. Not to mention the intriguing He-Sing who conned the establishment into believing his colourful tales, even allowing him to meet Queen Victoria at the Great Exhibition of 1851 when the book finishes.

Russell James is the former Chairman of the CWA and has written 18 books, including his historical crime novel, Painting in the Dark. Russell is renowned for his crime writing and was called the ‘Godfather of British noir’ by Ian Rankin. He lives in Cheltenham.

A good read.’ Daily Mail

‘You'll smile, cry and sidle to the edge of your seat.’ The BookBag

‘James has created a cast of characters that the reader cares about and set them in a vividly described, historically accurate setting. The poverty and unhappiness experienced by many in this era is brought to life. This book is well written and impeccably researched.’ The Historical Novel Society

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